Energycode By System Professional

Each and every one of our haircare treatments commence with an Energycode Mapping to identify your personal vitality profile. This allows us to analyse the specific needs of your hair and scalp. According to this analysis, your haircare advisor will recommend a customized hair treatment system. The result is: hair with increased vitality and full of energy.

Molecular Refilling

Instant hair fiber reconstruction, strengthening your hair. The advanced formula of this molecular hair refiller, reconstructs fragile and sensitive hair from the inside of your hair fiber. Duration: 30 min.


The definitive combination of performance and relaxation to bring out the light of your interior beauty. This exclusive treatment includes the AMOA massage. Based upon Asian acupuncture points techniques. Duration: 30 min.

Anti-Hair Loss

Combat hair loss with an Energy massage. The hair anchorage serum penetrates the hair follicles deeply to achieve a maximum hair and scalp revitalization.#Duration: 10 min.


A thorough application and the Shampoo Relax massage help to reduce the excess production of skin cells and leaves your scalp fresh, relaxed and rejuvenated. Duration: 10 min.

Color Fixing

Applying this treatment is almost an obligation after every coloring. It fixes the color inside your hair when its at its maximum splendour.  Duration: 15 min.


Feel the immediate transforming effect of our 3-step treatment, that includes the exclusive Shampoo Relax massage providing a touch of luxury and sensuality.

Hair Smoothing

Made with the first acid based Shampoo that smoothens your hair. It smoothens, softens and redefines your hair immediately, guaranteed for a minimum of 4 months. Duration: 60 -120 min.


An acid based treatment that reduces the hair Frizz effect. # Duration: 60-90 min.

Volume Reducer

An acid based treatment that reduces volume and redirects your hair and provides better discipline.
Duration: 60-90 min.