Hot Low Fusion Wax

Its temperature is set just two degrees above body temperature, so the sharpness when it is removed from our skin is unnoticeable. The pore is opened sufficiently to remove the hair from its root, without breaking it, and without harming our circulation.

Cold Wax

We use the same technique as with hot wax and quality products.

Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a professional, easy and simple and limitless method of lengthening and shaping your eyelashes.
They integrate into the natural eyelashes enhancing their thickness, length and volume, achieving an attractive look and a very special appeal.
Duration: 35-45 min.


The positive benefits of a good massage given by a professional are indisputable. Are you stressed? Do you have circulatory problems? Do you feel stiff after playing sport? At CARCHE we provide different types of massages adjusted to different needs.
From a relaxing massage to improve your blood circulation, or an express massage to relieve back pain or sports massages to treat injuries.
Let our professional staff advise you. Duration 30-60 min.
Sports Massage • Lymphatic Hair Massage • Balinese Massage • Circulatory Massage • Relaxing Massage • Transverse Friction Massage • Chiropractic Massage • Shiatsu • Relief Massage • Mud Massage