Autumn is characterised by its variety of tones. It is the season of color. This season earthy colors are in and just like a large autumn landscape, your hair becomes a canvas for a hairdresser. The skill of combining colors of different tones, ochres, browns, reddish-browns… with their different lights and shades, turns the hair of the ladies who choose their coloring in Carche hairdressing salons into art.

However, despite earthy colors being in fashion, what is clear to us at Carche is that the color that best suits you is the color that makes you look beautiful, that matches your features. Generally speaking, people with pale skin and light colored eyes, are best suited to blonde colors, whereas, darker skins are best combined with brown and dark colors. For most, enhancing their base color and bring it out with nuances and lights is the right option.

in any case, whatever your style, our stylers or porfessinal hairdressers will know how to recommend the best coloring option according to your features.

When talking of coloring it is also important to have healthy hair.

It is important to achieve a shiny and quality color. Use products that do not damage your hair structure that can make your long hair manageable, soft and shiny. Quality coloring techniques along with high technology products, will make the most of your color, while protecting and caring for your hair so you can show it off with that longed for natural look. The combination of professional technique and Wella products set the difference in results.

We look forward to seeing you in carche to advise you on the color thatbest suits you.

28 November, 2017|Trends|